Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make payments?

Once we confirm your itinerary and you are ready to make a deposit, we will send over a secure credit card authorization form and invoice through Vacationeer. Your credit card isn’t charged immediately upon authorization, but this gives us all of the information we need as well as permission to make charges on your behalf. Your information is then saved, so you can easily revisit your invoice and make future payments quickly and easily.

What if I need to reschedule my trip?

In today’s travel climate, we understand how important flexibility and the option to cancel your trip has become. Part of our job as your travel advisor is to educate you about each aspect of your trip’s cancellation policy. The tour guides, hotels, properties, and experiences we curate for our clients often have their own unique set of cancellation policies, so we will include all cancellation details clearly in your trip proposal.

What if Covid restrictions change?

Destinations are continuously updating their Covid policies. We will keep you informed should any updates impact your travels. Disney is always updating their Know Before You Go website and health and safety policies. Please check there for the most current policies.

How can I reach you?

The best way for me to communicate is through email messages. If you have something more urgent to discuss, we can find a time to schedule a phone call. While traveling, you will have my contact information so that they’re only a phone call away to help, should a need arise.

Do you promise to be the cheapest price?

Our job is to find you the best value on vacation, although not necessarily the lowest cost. Pricing, while very important, is only one of many factors we consider when putting together the best package. We take our clients’ budgets very seriously and treat them with the same respect we would want our own vacation budget treated, but ultimately, we keep your best interest in mind and make our travel recommendations with all relevant factors considered. Also, we are unable to provide line-item pricing, as your package consists of many components.

What if I need a wheelchair or stroller?

Please let me know anytime prior to your arrival and I will go over your best options for renting direclty through the park or a 3rd party service.